Personal Training

One-to-one fitness training in a private facility focused completely on YOUR health and fitness gals. No “one-size-fits-all” training, every person has specific requirements, expectations, and goals. At Kanata Health & Fitness it is all about YOU!




Eating for a Healthy Life

You will learn how to make healthy food choices based on whole, natural foods; how to read labels and understand important nutritional information while shopping or eating out. We will work together to develop a meal plan that will work for YOU!! We will incorporate effective meal planning and meal preparation strategies to make your life easier.



Accountability and Motivation

Two of the most important aspects of reaching your health goals!!!! I love to cheer my clients on as they reach their health and fitness milestones. You are not alone in this journey, I will stick with you through the sweat, tears, and laughter…and you will experience all three. There is no judgment at Kanata Health & Fitness, just encouragement and the push you need to keep you going. My goal for each session is that clients leave feeling like they have worked hard and have accomplished something important.


Chemical Free Living

It only takes 26 seconds for anything we put on our skin to absorb into our bodies and we use a lot of products in a regular day. For those of you who would like to take your health journey one step further I can teach you why and how to use natural products in your home and on your skin. By going chemical free you can save money, the environment, and most of all…your health.