Shannon is the most welcoming and kindhearted person I have ever met. She started out as my personal trainer, and has become a close friend and someone that I look up to. She has taught me so much about my health and well-being. From understanding the benefits of each food group to the importance of form when working out. I have more knowledge now than I did before, and feel confident enough to continue reaching my goals on my own. I could not have asked for a better person to be my first personal trainer.

– Catia


Adding Personal to Personal Trainer.

I had tried other training options out there and they were horrible to say the least. I felt like they weren’t taking into consideration what I was telling them, my fitness level and abilities. This usually led me to getting hurt, quitting and giving up. This last time I gave it one more shot and found Shannon at Kanata Fitness. Well, I am very glad I did. Shannon provides top notch direction, motivation and above all actually listens! She listens to not just what you are saying but to how your body responds to work outs and what it is saying. She knows when you’re able to push more, without hurting yourself, when you’ve got that extra ‘1 more’ and when you are giving it your all. It’s a perfect balance to push past what you may have thought you were capable of in a safe way. She brings everything to the table, through exercise and nutrition, explaining how it all works together in tandem and the benefits it provides. The gym has everything you could want and use, providing a comfortable space. I could go on longer on how great of a trainer she is but there’s only one way for you to find out and that’s through attending sessions. I highly recommend her, especially to those who are trying to get back into the fitness game and have tried the rest, time to try the best.

– B.C.


Want to get in shape, feel better about your health all while having fun? Then train with Shannon Johnston! I met her a few years back when she was in Kingston and trained with her three times a week. At first I was very nervous, but once I met her I knew I would be totally comfortable. She gave me the push I needed along with the growth in self-confidence; tips on eating healthy & feeling comfortable in my clothes. I miss my time with her but always know she’s there anytime! She gave me the push I needed to proceed with a healthy life style that I still continue till this day!! Thank you lovely!

– Karin Smythe


I met Shannon when I joined a gym in Kingston. I had gained about 35lbs and was feeling very self-conscious about myself. The gym allowed working with a personal trainer 3 times a week for a month at an additional cost. I was very skeptical about it at first but thought I would try it out. After working with Shannon for a month, I couldn’t stop. She was keeping me accountable.  I lost 46lbs in 4 months. Not only did she work me to the core in the gym, but she helped me with food plans, recipes, ideas etc.

Shannon not only turned into my full-time personal trainer and my life saver, but a friend. She is very easy to talk to and understands life can throw you curve balls and it can affect your eating habits and gym routine. Rather then giving up on me, she’d help me through it and push me hard to continue. Which is what I needed. I continued to work with Shannon for over a year until she moved to Ottawa. I was beyond devastated when she told me she was leaving. I have yet to find anyone like her and if she was a tad closer, I would still make the drive to train with her. Even though she lives in a different city she still checks in on me and helps me put one foot in front of the other.

She is the most understanding, fun and encouraging person that has ever impacted my life and I am thankful for her. I miss our workouts, our laughs and our chats.

If you’re looking for someone to help you meet your weight loss/fitness goals, encourage you, understand you and make you laugh all at the same time. Shannon is definitely someone you need in your life. She is not only an amazing trainer but an amazing person.

– Melissa S.